The project of waste prevention 2022

Why did we decide on the project?

In recent years, we think none of us can omit the fact, that our planet is heading for a disaster. We have used and abused the Earth to its dying point. Our poor planet is drowning in plastic, our oceans can no longer provide a good home for coral reefs, that are so vital for all marine life. Rainforests are vanishing and the effects of climate change are indeed a big threat to life in general. But this is not a message to bring more despair, but a message of hope. A hope, that we can pull this off together and go “back to basics” on how we do things in our daily lives. 

Why use Beeswax Bags or Soy Wax Bags from?

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For us it’s a step in the right direction, in protecting our families & children and caring for the planet. 

The Beeswax Bags from and Soy Wax Bags from (Vegan Wax Bags from Lovebee. ie) and Beeswax Wraps from are environmentally friendly, sustainable, natural, reusable, compostable, Irish handmade.

Beeswax Bags or Soy Wax Bags (Vegan Wax Bags) and Beeswax Wraps are a great substitute for plastic wraps, aluminum foil, and plastic bags. Unlike plastic, which contains chemicals such as BPA, which is linked to causing a number of diseases and is best to avoid, especially for children. Handmade Beeswax Wraps and Beeswax Bags or Soy wax bags (Vegan wax bags) do not contribute to climate change, even when they reach their end of life and are ready for the compost bin. Which of course, when used correctly and with care, takes a very long time. They are easy to use, wipe clean and reuse again. With their pretty designs, you’re also in for a treat! 

The regular plastic bag, takes about 500 years to degrade into the landfill, but never really breaks down completely, instead it photo-degrades into microplastics, that absorb toxins and pollute the environment. For a family with four school-going children, and if they were to wrap their sandwich into a bag each day, that would be approximately 800 plastic bags a year, that would stay on this earth for the next 30 generations.

Freshford Tidy Town

We are very delighted to cooperate with 15 volunteers families of Freshford (including vegetarian or vegan) with children. Each family would monitor and record how much cling film/paper/plastic bags or tin foil they save with their use per one month (June 2021).

Each family will receive one a big Beeswax Bag or organic Soy Wax Bag (Vegan Wax Bag) for bread and 2 – 3 small Beeswax Bags or organic Soy Wax Bags (Vegan Wax Bags) for snacks, fruits, vegetables, cheese, etc. They also receive a survey form, and a small leaflet about how to use and maintain Beeswax Bags or Soy Wax Bags (Vegan Wax Bags). All items will be given free of charge. These families will then use these Beeswax Bags or Soy Wax Bags (Vegan Wax Bags) for one month and record every day how many plastic bags or plastic wraps, tin foil was prevented thanks to our Beeswax Bags or Soy Wax Bags (Vegan Wax Bags).

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The project is kindly supported by the Environment Section of Kilkenny County Council and Freshford Tidy Town

We would like to special thank to current chairperson of Freshford Tidy Town Julia Kavanagh.

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