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Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic and has slowly begun to infiltrate each industry. LoveBee Ireland is a small, ethical company that creates vibrant beeswax and soy wax bags and wraps that are perfect for storing and protecting food items. Whether purchased as a gift or as a personal step into sustainability, LoveBee’s products serve as a premium introduction to eco-friendly living.

Nestled in the heart of Ireland, LoveBee Ireland is a small and ethical business that is working to introduce more sustainable options to the market. At the height of the climate change crisis, turning to sustainable products is one way to aid the reduction of pollution, both during the production process and during the lifetime of the product.


Henceforth, LoveBee’s vast inventory does away with the typical plastic wrapping, cling-film, and
sandwich bags, and instead offers a natural alternative. Utilizing beeswax and soy wax, LoveBee has cultivated a vast range of sustainable wraps and bags. These products are perfect for covering food, wrapping sandwiches, and even bundling up utensils. Moreover, they are suitable for the fridge and freezer, and, most importantly, are reusable. Indeed, each product crafted by LoveBee is zero waste.

Why Lovebee:

Whilst these are its standout items, LoveBee is also home to a diverse stock of art and t-shirts, each, of course, being sustainable. Be it for yourself or as a gift, LoveBee items are sure to please. Of course, this is reflected in the testimonials for the company, of which there are numerous featured on the website and on Google Reviews. Boasting a five-star rating, customers have nothing but praise for the company, with one customer stating that the company has, ‘excellent products.’ Ann-Marie Farrelly further backs up this statement with, ‘Excellent beeswax wraps and bags. It lovely design and keeps my bread so fresh. Highly recommend them!’

Lovebee award

The past year has been an exciting one for the company as it has worked in collaboration with 15 volunteer families with children through Freshford Tidy Towns. Each family received one Beeswax Bag or Soy Wax Bag for bread and a range of small bags for loose items, such as snacks, cheese, or fruits and vegetables. The project featured 48 families member in total, with each family monitoring how much cling film, paper, plastic bags, or tin foil they saved over the course of the month.

The study supplied some interesting results, showing that with a focus on the environment, one family can save up to 40 meters of cling film, 72 sandwich bags, and 15 meters of tin foil per month. With these results in mind, it is clear that ethical products can make a drastic difference, and therefore, LoveBee’s next step is to try and encourage more families to make the switch.

2022 will see the company delve into another project, this time focusing upon young children. Through this project, LoveBee endeavors to provide each child with one sandwich bag for their school lunch and a beeswax wrap which can be used as a table mat, overall making school lunches significantly more environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the company is preparing a brand-new introduction into how to care for its products. The introduction will also contain specialist information about the natural needs of insects, primarily bees, wasps, and hornets, and will also promote healthy and green living.

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BeesWax Food Wraps and Bags from Ireland

Sustainable, natural alternative to plastic wrap, and sandwich bags. Cover a bowl or a jar, pack a snack, wrap up cheese, fruit, vegetables, cookies, sandwiches or even your dog treats. Use as a place mat, or bundle up hiking and backpacking tools, utensils, and toiletries for a zero waste camping.
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