Why in Ireland are we lovers of beeswax wraps and bags?

Why in Ireland are we lovers of beeswax wraps and bags from Lovebee.ie?


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You are just finding out about this wonderful product and you are not very clear about what it consists of and how to use it in your home and your daily tasks? Here we bring you all the information you need to know what it´s about, the basic terms necessary to start using them and thus enjoy all the benefits of beeswax wraps and bags at once.

What are beeswax wraps and bags made of?

Generally, beeswax wraps and bags are made from a combination of beeswax, organic cotton, tree resin, and naturally-derived, organic oils such as jojoba. Each manufacturer has its different formula but in essence, it´s composed of the same ingredients.

Beeswax is a very noble product of nature that provides enormous nutritional properties, its raw material has a high antioxidant and moisturizing content that makes it a magnificent element for many industries that want to manufacture products based on natural ingredients that are powerful for health and that can provide numerous benefits to those who use it.

The main attraction of beeswax wraps and bags is that it is made with 100% natural materials and that is why it´s an ecological alternative that many people seek to incorporate into their diet and in their daily tasks.

Why in Ireland are we lovers of beeswax wraps and bags?

The Irish have shown a growing interest in wanting to incorporate significant changes in their eating habits, changes that are reflected in their health and that at the same time can facilitate their daily tasks.

That is why beeswax wraps and bags have become very popular in Ireland and the rest of the world, the population is more and more committed to the environment and they assume this responsibility with the use of ecological and compostable materials.

Additionally, it´s easy to use the product, very durable and there are a variety of offers on the market capable of adapting to any budget. This has led the Irish population to purchase beeswax wrappers and bags to keep in their kitchen and store their food in a healthy and efficient way.

Where does the use of beeswax in food storage come from?

The ancient Egyptians used beeswax to store their food when they had no other healthy option to do so. It was approximately in the 7th century when the Egyptians began to make waxed cloths from beeswax and they realized that it was a very safe way to preserve the state and freshness of their food for a long time.

It was then that special attention was paid to bees and their care to domesticate bee hives and thus harvest honey for consumption and beeswax for other commercial purposes.

What are other uses for beeswax?

Believe it or not, beeswax has many traditional uses:

  • In some countries such as Africa and Asia, beeswax is used to make different types of fabrics and small ornaments through a previous casting process to give it the desired shape.
  • Another very prominent use is as a waterproofing agent for materials such as leather, wood and to reinforce the threads used in different industrial textile processes.
  • The pharmaceutical industry uses beeswax a lot as ingredients in many of its products for sale, from ointments, soaps, body lotions, medicines, among others, demand is increasing in the world pharmaceutical market motivated by its multiple medicinal benefits known since ancient times.
  • Among the important consumers of beeswax is also the beekeeping industry for the manufacture of pure honey as an important ingredient in multiple industrial processes and its medicinal consumption.
  • The cosmetics industry is one of the main consumers of beeswax to manufacture a wide variety of cosmetic and beauty products for the population. For the manufacture of cosmetics and beauty products, first-class wax is normally used for a perfect finish and with greater benefits, this type of wax has the particularity that it cannot be overheated.
  • In the manufacture of electronic components the use of beeswax is also very common as well as in the construction of compact discs.

How to use beeswax wraps and bags for daily tasks?

Since you know a little about beeswax, the products they make from them, and even their origin, we can be clear and be sure that it´s a completely healthy product that is beneficial for our health and well-being. But the most wonderful thing is the multiple uses that can be given to these very practical and easy-to-use products, with the wrappers and bags of beeswax you can:

  • Transport easily and without much problem any utensil of daily use that we normally use at home and that for some reason we need to take with us. The toothbrush, toothbrush cream, soap for showering or washing hands, any medicinal cream or ointment that requires protection, spoons, forks, and any other object for personal use.
  • Maintain the freshness of fresh foods such as fruits, and vegetables. If you are one of those people who love to take care of their diet with a balanced diet based on natural foods, these wraps and bags are perfect for your day to day as you can take your fruits with you anywhere and keep the vegetables always fresh whether you want to leave them at room temperature or keep them in the refrigerator.
  • Guarantee the freshness and humidity of the food once it´s baked. So if you have to take your lunch or food to eat elsewhere, this will not be a problem since the wrappers and beeswax bags prevent the food from drying out after baking to maintain a pleasant and adequate flavor.
  • Prevent or slow down the deterioration of food or meals once cooked as well as the formation of mold thanks to the antibacterial properties of beeswax.
  • Protect food and daily preparations in a healthy and effective way without contaminating food, thanks to the fact that the ingredients used in the manufacturing process of the beeswax wraps and bags are 100% natural. For this reason, it´s a fabulous option for those who suffer from intolerances or allergies due to direct contact with surfaces made from a plastic material.

What are the restrictions for the use of beeswax wraps and bags?

Avoid in any case:

  • Use to wrap raw food such as fish, any type of poultry, or meat as they will contaminate the beeswax wrap or bag and in order to disinfect them, they must be washed with special care. Also, there is no guarantee that after washing they will be completely safe and bacteria-free for use in other fresh foods.
  • Wrap a hot sandwich or any other hot food on top of a beeswax wrap or inside a beeswax bag as these will absorb heat immediately and may burn the hands of the person handling them at that time. The best thing to do is to wait until the sandwich or food to be wrapped has cooled down a bit so that it can be easily handled and stored safely.
  • Use in a freezer for a long time. It´s advisable to wrap food and take it to the freezer for up to 1 month, more than that time can damage the structure or quality of the beeswax wrapper or bag and they will not be suitable for later use.
  • Place as the bottom or base of a plate where food or very hot foods will later be served as they could burn the person who is going to eat. Additionally, the wax can become detached from the wrapper and adhere to the food, changing its flavor a little.
  • Use directly in microwave ovens, electric ovens, and gas ovens as they could reach very high temperatures and could burn and damage food. Additionally, the heat from the ovens could dissolve the wax contained in the wrapper or bag, damaging it completely.

How long do wraps and bags made from beeswax last?

Its usage time is highly variable and will depend on the quality provided by each manufacturer. Additionally, it will also depend on the care that each person gives them at home in terms of maintenance and conservation after each use. But in general, it´s a very durable product and can last between 120 and 150 uses.

What are the characteristics that stand out in beeswax wraps and bags:

  • It´s a material that acquires any shape immediately so it can be molded easily and thus adapt to the desired shape quite precisely. Ideally, food and preparations should remain airtight in order to better preserve their quality and freshness.
  • Despite being a very safe product for storing and preserving food, for liquids, it´s not highly recommended since if for some reason or another the preparation may spill or come out of the beeswax bag. It´s advisable to use them only for solid foods.
  • Sheets of beeswax wrap should not be cut or torn for the purpose of making other wraps as the insulating layer they contain may be damaged. That is why each manufacturer of beeswax wraps offers their customers a wide variety of available sizes.
  • Beeswax wraps and bags are coated with a sensitive material that may leave traces when used to wrap or protect containers. In the same way, this material is natural and will not affect the packaging at all.
  • As they are washed and used, they gradually lose the layer of wax that covers them, so they could be used as kitchen towels to carry out daily kitchen or household tasks or they can simply be treated as organic waste.
  • To extend their useful life, it´s advisable to let them dry in the open air after being washed and that they are always away from the sun as this could cause the wraps and bags to reach high temperatures, detaching the wax contained in them.
  • They are usually sticky to the touch thanks to the beeswax that covers their surface, this texture makes the beeswax wraps adhere correctly to food in order to ensure freshness. If the wraps are held tightly to the food, the sealing will be more efficient and thus will preserve better.
  • Some of the manufacturers of beeswax wraps and bags include bars of beeswax in their purchase so that people in their homes can recharge them as they are washed, used, and deteriorated.
  • The vast majority of beeswax wraps are uniquely designed to prevent the edges from fraying easily. In case you need to tear a sheet and some threads fray in the torn part, you must immediately cut these with scissors to avoid that the wrapping continues to be consumed.
  • It´s an ecological alternative that allows its users to reduce the use of plastic and thus collaborate with the care of the planet. All manufacturers of beeswax wraps and bags use 100% compostable and biodegradable materials to offer a beneficial alternative not only for the consumer but also for the environment.

You already know which option to choose

It´s impressive the multiple uses that beeswax wraps can have, they can greatly facilitate our lives. Similarly, beeswax bags are super practical to carry food when we are in a rush. The intention behind the manufacture of these versatile products is to provide the population with a product that is economically accessible while reducing the time of its use.

There are few products that offer you quality, low cost, health benefits, and also a completely ecological option. That is why more and more people are encouraged and join its use. If you are one of those people who has not yet had the privilege of using them, it´s appropriate that you consider doing so.

It´s important that you know that there are other products on the market similar to beeswax wraps and bags that are manufactured with a candle wax coating, pay close attention to reading the label of the product you are going to buy so that you verify that you are buying a quality product that is made from beeswax. Candle wax will never replace beeswax in its properties, benefits, so if you are looking for a conservationist and healthy product, you already know which one to choose.

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