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Frequently asked questions about beeswax wraps and bags and


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1. What are the products you offer on

On our Home page, you can find the variety of products we offer on

2. How to buy on

In our Shop section, you must click on the product or products you want to buy so that you know important information regarding these, then you must click on “Add to cart”. You must perform this procedure on all the products you want to buy.

Once all the products you are going to buy are in the cart, you must formalize your purchase by clicking on “View cart” and complete the corresponding purchase information.

3. What should I do if I want to buy in bulk at

If you want to purchase a big number of our products, you must visit our Wholesale section and complete the corresponding form.

4. How can I enjoy the discount promotions that offer periodically?

When making your purchase, make sure to place the promotion code that we normally place in a visible place on our website.

5. What should I do if I want to contact a employee or receive support?

On our Contact page, you can find our phone numbers, email, or send us a message by filling out the corresponding form.

6. How can I know the description of the products?

When you click on the product you want to buy, the description of the product with all its characteristics and important information is automatically displayed.

7. Where do I get information about product returns?

When you click on the product you want to buy, a drop-down option related to returns is automatically displayed.

8. Where are the products offered by manufactured?

Our company is located in Ireland and it´s there that we manufacture all of our products with ethical art-craft.

9. Can the beeswax wraps and bags be microwaved?

Its use is not recommended for microwave ovens.

10. Can the beeswax wraps and bags be frozen?

Yes, the beeswax wraps and bags that we sell at can be safely frozen.

11. What are the dimensions of the beeswax wraps and bags that you sell on

All our products have a variety of options in terms of size, to know the available dimensions and select the best alternative that suits your needs, you must click on the products that are of interest to you so that later you can know the available dimensions.

12. Do you offer other products apart from The beeswax wraps and bags?

Yes, in we have a section where you can buy beautiful pieces of art that we have available for our public. Visit our Art page and discover all the variety of options we have.

13. How to properly clean beeswax wraps and bags?

Just by gently rubbing your wraps and bags with cold water and liquid soap you can wash them properly. If you have a mild dishwasher you can also use it, you just have to put enough water and liquid soap so that the beeswax wraps and bags are submerged and can be washed properly.

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BeesWax Food Wraps and Bags from Ireland

Sustainable, natural alternative to plastic wrap, and sandwich bags. Cover a bowl or a jar, pack a snack, wrap up cheese, fruit, vegetables, cookies, sandwiches or even your dog treats. Use as a place mat, or bundle up hiking and backpacking tools, utensils, and toiletries for a zero waste camping.
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