Importance of water in the daily life of bees

Importance of water in the daily life of bees

Bees and their breeding is an increasingly common technique since there are many benefits that can be taken advantage of from the products generated. That is why beekeeping has become an agricultural activity that has gained more and more strength. However, there are many factors that must be considered to be a good beekeeper, among them is the water supply. Do you know the importance of water in the daily life of bees? Find out what it’s about below.


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Why do bees need water?

Water represents one of the vital and essential resources in the daily life of bees. The amount of water required by the hives is highly variable, this will largely depend on the relative humidity that is present in the environment where they are and the rate of moisture loss due to insects present in the area.

During hot months when temperatures are usually very high, it’s important to guarantee sufficient water for the beehives as they can consume between 250 to 500 millilitres of the vital liquid.

For larval feeding, it’s essential to guarantee large amounts of water, especially for the manufacture of royal jelly and to dilute honey. Additionally, during the breeding process, the bees need to evaporate water with their wings in order to refresh the wax combs to prevent them from softening and thus joining with others.

What are the sources of water for bees?

In a natural way, bees go out to travel in search of water in nearby sources such as rivers and puddles. Through the dew of the plants they also usually extract drops of water from the rain. Similarly, bees can obtain water through their own nectar.

The best way to guarantee water to beehives is to have a point of freshwater always available to them, this is the main resource that beekeepers should consider. Drinkers or any other source that is not very deep can be provided to prevent the bees from drowning while drinking the water.

What problems does the lack of water generate in the beehives?

If the bees cannot find a nearby place to consume the necessary water, they will have to go out to look for it and perhaps fly long distances to get it. The problem with travelling a far distance is that they would sacrifice their consumption of honey.

A fairly common problem is that bees visit neighbouring homes that have water sources such as swimming pools or animal drinking fountains. It’s annoying and even dangerous for communities, that bees visit spaces inhabited by people since it’s well known that the sting of bees can be fatal. You can read more on our blog.

Water for hives

You already know the importance of water in the daily life of bees, it represents an essential element in the cooling and feeding of the entire colony. To achieve successful beekeeping, a clean and constant source of water must be contemplated. Suppressing the vital liquid, even for a few hours, can considerably hinder the entire process.

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